Client Services Code

This document outlines the Client Services Charter of Dubai Trade and is compliant with ISO 10001,
10002, and 10003


As part of our drive to improve services to our clients Dubai Trade has launched the Client Services Code which aims to improve customer interaction.

The Code has achieved ISO 10001, 10002, and 10003 accreditation and we hope it improves even more your experience in dealing with Dubai Trade.


 •  Scope

This Code sets quality standards for the services provided by Dubai Trade including enquiries and any complaints you may have,
It also sets service time delivery standards for customer interaction and provides contact Points details
If you have any complaints regarding our services or this Code they will be dealt with through our complaint and dispute handling processes.
Limitations on the promises included in this charter include the case of designated unusual circumstances
(i.e.: War, Environmental,)
The Code will be available in multiple languages including Arabic, Hindi or Urdu upon request.

The Scope of This code is limited to:

•    Rosoom Wallet
•    Rosoom Payment
•    TradeShield
•    Vessel Schedule
•    Dubai Trade Subscription
•    User Management
•    Dubai Trade Portal
•    Training Team (Satisfaction Related)
•    Contact Center (Case Handling)
•    Clients Relation Team (Case Handling)
(DP World, JAFZA, Dubai Customs Related eService & Products are out of Scope)
 •    Objectives

•     To enhance fair trade practices and client communication with Dubai Trade.
•     To reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding and complaints by managing client expectations in accordance with ISO 10001, 10002, and 10003 guidelines and the rellevant documents covering the code of conduct and handling of complaints and disputes.
•     To recognize and protect Clients’ rights, those of Dubai Trade’s employees and all interested parties.
•    To improve understanding of Dubai Trade’s service standards including customer support,
client relations, training, Rosoom Payment Gateway,Rosoom  Wallet, Vessel Schedule, Dubai
Trade Portal, Tradeshield and Dubai Trade Subscription.
•     To increase awareness of the different ways complaints can be communicated to Dubai Trade, including the required format for responses.
•     To continually improve Dubai Trade’ services, systems and staff skills as part of our drive to achieve high levels of service in the handling customer enquiries, complaints and disputes

           For the purpose of this Code the following definitions apply:

 •    Code of Conduct

           Promises made to clients by Dubai Trade concerning its services and activities that are aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction

 •    Quality Standards

           Promises made to clients by Dubai Trade concerning its behaviour which are expressed qualitatively.

 •    Clients

          Any individual or organization that contact or deal directly with Dubai Trade to receive one of its services and/or to purchase one of its products

 •    Complaint

         A verbal or written expression submitted to a department by one of its clients expressing dissatisfaction about the processes or the procedures followed.

 •    Dispute

         An expression of dissatisfaction that may arise from an earlier complaint. Disputes included in this document are limited to the way customer interaction functions between
the client and Dubai Trade. A dispute is defined as an escalated complaint that requires special solutions and, in some cases, external arbitration.

 •    Enquiry

         A verbal or written expression submitted to the department by a client expressing their need to get or clarify information  about processes or procedures.


Our Vision

Transform the end-to-end supply chain and establish Dubai as a leading trade hub in the world.

Our Mission

We are committed to make trade easier, faster and cost effective for all stakeholders  through continued improvement of business process and application of technology.

Dubai Trade Strategic Goals:

    •   Establish Dubai Trade to be the single window for trade in Dubai
    •   Increase customer adoption of all key transactional  e-services on Dubai Trade Portal.
    •   Establish a seamless and streamlined trade facilitation process.


Our Client Service Code allows more transparent and accountable approach when dealing with clients of
Dubai Trade and associated Business Units.
It details what to expect when contacting us by providing more clarity on our service standards and outlining how you can help us continue to meet your expectations.
The Code also aims to inform you of our complaints and dispute procedure and the ways that you can communicate with us.


•   We are a trade facilitation portal that hosts the services of DP World, Dubai Customs and Jebel Ali
Free Zone.
•    We provide support services for our clients through various channels such as calls, voice mail and e-mail.
•   We provide training for clients on how to use our electronic services.
•   We provide professional education and development that educates our clients in Trade and
•    We continually strive to develop innovative ideas that will ultimately enhan ce the efficiency of trade and governmental transactions in Dubai through the use of automation and electronic services.

VI. Client Expectations from Dubai Trade Staff

•   We will always be courteous, friendly, and professional
•   We are committed to improve the quality of services we provide
•    We will ensure continuous improvement of our services and p ocesses and reflect changes according to your feedback
•   All your information  will remain confidential
•   We will reply to your enquires and concerns in a timely manner

VII. Client Undertakings

•   Courtesy and professionalism when interacting with our employees
•   Complete and accurate information so we can effectively assist you
•   State your case number, if you have been given one, when contacting us.
•   Provide positive and negative feedback so we can highlight our strengths and improve any weaknesses.
•   Attendance at any scheduled meetings to resolve disputes

VIII. Dubai Trade Service Delivery Standards
Contact Centre

•   Available 24 hours every day (7 days a week)
•    We do our best to resolve your enquiry by the end of the call. If your enquiry is more complex, we will provide an interim response so we can coordinate with the concerned Business Unit and
advise you when a final response can be expected.
•    Business Unit (DP World, Customs & Jafza) related cases need escalation and will require at least 7 business days before a solution can be communicated.

Message Centre

For feedback and complaints please log in to Dubai Trade Portal and use the Message Centre.

The Message Centre is a feature available to those that have access to a Dubai Trade login account. You must be logged into your account in order to use the message centre.

Feedback and enquiries for Marketing, Client Relations, and Training can be sent through the Message
Centre by selecting the appropriate drop down item

We will provide you with a full response according to the information in the table below:
Addressee List Name Description Response Time
General Enquiries
Enquiries related to Dubai Trade products and services, the portal and its content, location and contact details, interviews, and Tradelines (DT e-Newsletter)
5 working days
e-Services Training
Enquiries related to e-Services, Training Schedules and bookings, course outline, user guides/manuals and any other special training needs and requests.
5 working days
Suggestions and Complaints
Suggestions: Feedback leading to service or process improvements as well as customer's needs.
Complaints: An expression of dissatisfaction related to DT Staff, products and services(excluding day to day operational issues that should continue to be handled through contact center) - To include Client Services Code
3 working days

IX. Filing a Complaint

You can log your complaints through Dubai Trade’s Message Centre or by sending an email to clientrelations@dubaitrade.ae

We aim to acknowledge your communication within one working day and to respond within 3 working days of receipt of correspondence for the enquiry. Full resolution will be communicated within 7 Business days.

If we cannot provide a full answer to your enquiry within that time, we will provide an interim response and advise you when a final response can be expected. Please note our team will be gathering and reviewing information based on your complaint.

• Contact Centre (Case Handling) – Should the customer feel that the representative has failed to observe proper protocol when handling their case (via email and voice calll)), then a complaint can be raised.

• Training (Satisfaction Related) – Complaints against training related activitties can be raised by customers. Specific complaints against breach of training protocol, unsatisfactory delivery and behavioural issues are included in the scope of this section. This covers both e-Services training
sessions & Professional Programs.

• Client Relations – As above. Should customer feel that their cases and interactions are handled in an inappropriate manner, they are free to raise a complaint against the offending party.
• Dubai Trade specific e-Services (This process includes services that Dubai Trade will introduce in the future).
  •  Rosoom Wallet
  •  Rosoom Payment
  •  TradeShield
  •  Vessel Schedule
  •  User Management
  •  Dubai Trade Portal
  •  Dubai Trade Subscription

X. Complains Handling Policy

If you are unhappy with the service you have received or if you feel that we have not met the standards in this charter, then:

• You can log your complaint through the Message Centre. The Message Centre can be accessed after logging into Dubai Trade Portal. Please choose the category “Suggestion and Complaints” from the drop-down menu.
• If you are unable to access the Message Centre, kindly log your complaint by sending us an email to clientrelations@dubaitrade.ae
• We will acknowledge your communication within one working day.
• We aim to investigate your complaint, provide you with the proposed action to solve it, and seek your feedback about the proposed action within seven working days of receiving your complaint.
• If we cannot fully provide an answer to your complaint within that specified time, we will provide you an interim response and advise you as to when a final response can be expected.
• We aim to follow up with you on the executed actions, make sure it has been executed within the specified period, and seeking feedback about the final result.
• If you are not satisfied with the proposed action, we will provide you with the right to raise a grievance/dispute

XI. Disputes Handling Policy

•    If you feel that the manner in which your issue/complaint not only failed to provide you with any satisfactory resolutions, but has also overstepped the bounds of any legal covenant, then you have the right to raise a dispute. Disputes will be a form of escalated complaint wherein a designated team will deliberate on and take action with the raised dispute.
•    External arbitration will be provided only after an initial facilitation for a solution has been proposed by Dubai Trade.
•    Please note that Dubai Trade may require some information to be gathered from the customer in order to more effectively handle the dispute. Failure to comply with requests for information may result in a forfeiture of the Dispute.

XII. For Feedback on this Code

To ensure this Code remains relevant, up-to-date and reflects your expectations, we welcome your feedback by contacting us on the following email: marketing@dubaitrade.ae.

Or Click here to submit your feedback.